Hinged ROM Knee Brace with Strap, Adjustable Leg Stabilizer Post OP Recovery Immobilization Splint

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Blue Knee Brace
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  • With an removable extra long strap that can be worn on shoulder helps reduce pressure and provides more support to Injured knee, prevents slipping off while walking.
  • High-duty aluminum alloy support transfer the maximum body weight from thigh to calf without exerting pressure on the knee joint, which is a perfect off-loader knee brace.
  • The bilateral range-of-motion settings can be adjusted between 0°to 120° of flexion and 0°to 90° of extension, and adjustment in 10 degree increments.
  • Can be used for cruciate ligament, lateral ligament fixation after surgery, knee joint dorsiflexion and extension angle control, stable or internally fixed fractures of condyles, proximal tibia or distal femur.
  • Free Size(Left/ Right): Measure the thigh and calf circumference. Thigh max is 29”, calf max is 17”. The adjustable length of the knee brace is from 19.3-24”.
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    Hinged Post-op knee brace which is flexible to optimize movement and comfort.


    • ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL repairs/injuries
    • Meniscal repairs
    • Tibial plateau fractures
    • Patella tendon repairs
    • Osteochondral repairs
    • Condylar fractures
    • Sprains/strains of the knee
    • HTOs (High Tibial Osteotomy)

    Product Features

    • Silicone coated neoprene design of the inner pads provide the best grip and promote brace suspension to the knee, prevent sliding while walking.
    • Stability the knee joint by four adjustable protective straps because of osteoarthritis caused by knee joint instability. Straps can be cut if too long for you.
    • Tool-free length-adjustable collateral bars prevent valgus and varus deformity and provide excellent lateral stability.
    • Extender hinge allows the length adjustable by one push button range from 19.5~24”, can be adjusted as individual demand.
    • Indicated for conservative treatment of synthetical knee joint instability, fix and repair knee joint fracture, patellar fracture, dislocation, meniscus injury, muscle tone, contracture, arthritis and genu recurvatum disease.
    • Unisex design of the ROM hinged knee brace that can use worn on right or left leg for men and women.
    • Simply press and rotate hinge with lock: Extension limitation at: 0°,10°,20°,30°,40°,50°,60°,70°,80°,90° Flexion limitation at: 0°,10°,20°,30°,40°,50°,60°,70°,80°,90°,100°, 110°,120° Immobilization limitation at: 0°,10°,20°,30°,40°,50°,60°,70°,80°,90°

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