Hinged Knee Brace ROM Adjustable Post Op Knee Support

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  • The hinged knee support can offer strong fixation of knee joint after operation, meniscus operation, fractures and limit motion control during rehabilitation after anterior cruciate ligament, injury to knee ligaments and injury of side-secondary ligaments (front-crossing ligaments) of knee joint.
  • There are two plastic stop in the dial for adjusting the range of motion hinge (In-circle number), adjustment in 10 degree increments, and the flexion range can be selected between -10 - 120°, the extension range can be selected between -10 - 30°. You can slid the quick fasten button down to the 5 locking positions(Out-of-circle blue scale)
  • The comfortable pads of the knee stabilizer can provide the best grip, which can prevent slipping, good for brace and suspension to your knee.
  • The hook & loop straps are easy to adjust the circumference of thigh and calf (thigh: 29.9 inches, calf: 16 inches), which can make your leg more comfy and fit
  • The push button struts of knee brace is easy to adjust the length (MIN:18 inches, MAX:27.5 inches), which can meet the individual demand for comfy fit.
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    How to use

    The length adjuster of the product itself is not locked,

    The purpose of this: In order to facilitate the length adjustment of different users, after purchasing our product, an Allen key will be attached. After the length is adjusted, you should lock the length adjuster.

    The products should be fitted by your orthopedic technician or in accordance with a doctor’s advice.

    1. Lift the fastening clips of the straps on one side of the brace and unfasten the buckles on the other side.
    2. Separate the hinge bars and position the device with the knee central between the hinges.Ensure that the hinges are pointed in the indicated direction,with the calf pads(the smaller ones) towards the feet.
    3. Fasten the buckles of the two straps closest to the knee,without tightening.
    4. For correct adjustment,loosen the friction clips on the side struts and slide the upper and lower telescopic hinge bars up or down to accommodate the leg.Close the friction clips to lock position.The selected length can be verified by looking at the length indicators on the hinge bars.
    5. Fasten the buckles of the two remaining straps without tightening.
    6. To tighten the straps,poll on them until these is no gap behind the leg.Be careful to maintain the lateral and medial positions of the hinge bars.
    7. Close the fastening clips.
    8. Then pull the straps through the buckles to tighten.Again,be careful to maintain the lateral and medial positions of the hinge bars.
    9. Use the Y tongues at the ends to fasten the straps.If necessary remove the Y tongue,cut the strap to the required length and then reattach the Y-tongue.

    Care and Maintenance


    • Wash periodically by hand with a damp cloth and mild soap.
    • Use a towel to absorb most of the dampness and then allow to dry at room temperature.
    • Do not hang up,or iron and do not expose to direct heat sources such as stoves,heater,radiators,direct sunlight etc.
    • Do not expose to alcohol,ointments or solvents.



    The material are flammable.Do not expose these products to situations where they could ignite.


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