DLX Range of Motion Post Operative Elbow Brace

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  • CONTROL MOVEMENT: Range of motion of the elbow in 15 degree increments
  • EASY HINGE: Easy One Touch adjustment for your desired Range of Motion
  • LENGTH ADJUSTMENT: Telescoping length allows for better control of the elbow
  • ADJUSTABLE STRAPS: Adjustable straps and Velcro for easy fitting and fast removal
  • COOLING DESIGN: Cool wrap soft goods for improved support and easier strut length adjustments
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    DLX Range of Motion Post Operative Elbow Brace This brace offers state-of-the art range-of-motion control and locking capabilities. Only DLX Range of Motion Post Operative Elbow Brace allows flexion and extension adjustments at the touch of a button and a quick lock from 0° to 90° in 15° increments. The ease of use and versatility of the DLX Range of Motion Post Operative Elbow Brace can support a variety of protocols following major ligament surgery, elbow reconstruction, ligament and tendon repairs, surgical repair of a fracture and biceps repair. The adjustable length allows for an acurate fitting for this important rehabilitation device. The cool wrap design allows for a comfortable all-day application. The included arm sling strap limits migration so the brace stays where it belongs while helping your arm rest comfortably. Why use the DLX Range of Motion Post Op Elbow Brace? The DLX Range of Motion Post Op Elbow Brace immobilizes the elbow and limits the amount of flexion and extension possible. The hinge is designed to limit the elbow joint from extending further once it has reached a certain degree. This is done to protect the soft tissue of the elbow joint and allow it to heel after surgery or injury and to not allow the elbow joint to re-injure in the same way. This means that a post-operative elbow brace can be worn before and after surgery for maximum protection.


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